Read like never before.

Bombshell is the first e-reader case for iPad, bringing the best reading experience for all iPad users.

Easy on the eyes.

Reading on Bombshell is like reading on paper.
Whether you are at home or out on a sunny day, you will enjoy crystal clear texts and images from any view angle.

Great reading experience.

Bombshell Bombshell Ipad Mini 4 Ipad Mini 4

Rotate Bombshell over the iPad for a more comfortable reading.

All your books in one place.

Apple iBooks, Google Books, Amazon Kindle…all your purchases ready for reading on Bombshell’s library.

Up to 4 weeks on a single charge.

Bombshell charges through a lightning port and lasts enough to read dozens of books.

Average battery life of other e-readers in the market

Extremely lightweight.

Bombshell is super light and portable. And it can be even used detached from the iPad for a more relaxed reading.

Digital Keyboard.

Bombshell can be easily turned into a wireless keyboard for the iPad. Its 7.8'' screen makes for a perfect keyboard size, with great typeability and multiple layouts and languages.